Tiffanyleigh Gainesville FL Newborn & Family Photographer {Baby Cora}

Some of my favorites from Baby Cora’s newborn session.

Tiffanyleigh Photography is a photographer located in SW Gainesville, Florida. She specializes in Professional Newborn & Family Portraiture for newborns and babies through their first birthday.
IMG_2042final reedit.jpg
IMG_2044final reedit.jpg
IMG_2055final reedit.jpg
IMG_2056final reedit.jpg
IMG_2063final reedit.jpg
IMG_2066final reedit.jpg
IMG_2069final reedit.jpg
IMG_2083 final reedit.jpg
IMG_2083 finalpsd1 reedit.jpg
IMG_2093final reedit.jpg
IMG_2105final reedit.jpg
IMG_2106final reedit.jpg
IMG_2116final reedit.jpg
IMG_2119final reedit.jpg
IMG_2125final reedit.jpg
IMG_2135final reedit.jpg
IMG_2140final reedit.jpg
IMG_2146final reedit.jpg
IMG_2150final reedit.jpg
IMG_2154final reedit.jpg
IMG_2162final reedit.jpg

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